Welcome to 360 gaming

Hey there,

I’m Luke Smucker. Although I’ve been a gamer for years, I’ve never given myself the opportunity to discuss the hobby that I love. Like many of you, I watch tons of Youtube videos and I read plenty of blogs, but I’ve never really taken the time to sit down and write my own thoughts out in regard to gaming.

My hope is to use this blog as a way to explore all the things that make gaming on the Xbox 360 great, even in 2019. Sure, there are plenty of mechanically-superior gaming systems out there, but I still believe that the 360 is among the best of the bunch.

Throughout this blog, I hope to review and discuss the plethora of games for the 360 as well as some of the Xbox gems that are 360 compatible. I have worked in journalism for many years, so I hope that my research and writing skills will come into play while I do my best to help gamers rediscover what makes this system so great.

So, come with me, as we dive into the world of Xbox 360.

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